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Louisiana Eat-N-Greet is an attempt to provide info about local eateries and things to do in Louisiana.

Locally owned, locally known.

Mar 16, 2018

Welcome Back! After a short, unforeseen hiatus of wintertime blues and other natural disasters, we've dusted off the microphones and re-entered the palatial studios for season 2! In an effort to broaden our format we've decided to bring in more Louisiana while maintaining the usual emphasis on our culinary adventures. 
Step one towards that goal is announcing our first special guest, legendary Louisiana musician and fellow heavy eater Mr. Bill Grass. Multi-talented fiddle player, accordion and bass guitar player, Bill talks about his journeys of playing traditional Cajun music all across the world. 
Oh, and we also talk a little bit about Menards grocery in Duson, Louisiana. Formerly known as Mikes Country Corner, this little hidden gem packs a wallop that's well worth the extra five minute drive off of Interstate 10.
Be sure to stick around at the end of the episode for a little bonus beer talk, don't worry kids, it's clean.

Map it Out! 

Bill Grass Gratuitous Promo Corner

ALL the Bands Bill Plays In:

Choupique Cajun Band

Blu Rouge

Long Neck Society

Parish County Line

Bill in Action:

Bill Playing at the PMAC- "Calling Baton Rouge"

Bill Playing in his chicken costume!