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Louisiana Eat-N-Greet is an attempt to provide info about local eateries and things to do in Louisiana.

Locally owned, locally known.

Mar 23, 2018

Make your way on down to downtown Baton Rouge as we visit one of the city's oldest running establishments, Spanish Town Market.
Nestled in the heart of downtown right next to the New State Capitol lies a staple of lunch and dinnertime dining. Well known for it's eclectic menu choices and some of the coldest, iced down beer and soft drinks in town.
Also joining us is owner and chef Taylor Blanche. An inspirational hard charger who can teach us all a lesson in setting goals, pursuing dreams and making them come true.

Map it Out

Spanish Town Market

A Couple Other Things To Do:

New State Capitol (Louisiana Welcome Center)
Capitol Park Museum
USS Kidd
Louisiana Art and Science Museum