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Louisiana Eat-N-Greet is an attempt to provide info about local eateries and things to do in Louisiana.

Locally owned, locally known.

Jan 18, 2019

January isn't only about the new year, here in Louisiana, it's also the beginning of the other "most wonderful time of the year", crawfish season!
Rodney scored some crawfish from his pal Cedrick at Best Boilers and we bellied up for some playoff football, LA style. We've also attempted a how-to guide at eating crawfish for any first timers out there who want to take the plunge. Oh, and in a shameless act of thievery we acquired the name of this episode from our self-appointed mentor and inspiration Steve Czaban. He has no idea who we are but none-the-less, his podcast has become our benchmark of standards we will never achieve, and we're cool with that.

Best Boilers 

Cajun Dope-Cedrick