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Louisiana Eat-N-Greet is an attempt to provide info about local eateries and things to do in Louisiana.

Locally owned, locally known.


Rodney Mallet
El Presidente- Cerveza Connoisseur

Even though Rodney's Olympic dream is dead, that doesn't mean he can't consume the calories of an Olympic champion. Each New Year's resolution is to buy bigger pants.

Rodney is a Louisiana lifer, but he was born and raised in Shreveport which is more like east Texas. Either way, after living south of I-10 for nearly 25 years, he takes great pride in his state, never meets a stranger and is proud to scout local joints and eats.

Married with three young boys who love to play sports, hunt, fish and do regular boy things, it's truly a scientific marvel that Rodney can remain so fat.

True conversation:
Rodney's doctor: "You could easily lose 25 pounds if you'd cut back on meats and beer."
Rodney: "Have you met my family?"
Doctor: "Yea. You're not in eminent danger"

Chris Melton
El Creativo/Artista- Sausage Savant

Chris escaped the beautiful scenery and impeccable weather of Colorado for the flatlands, heat and meats of Louisiana. In Colorado, people of Chris’ size are not always welcome. In the land of mountain climbing, cycling, hiking and overall good fitness, Chris stood out and was often shunned by his slender, pasty peers. However, in Louisiana people of Chris’ size are often seen as some sort of god.  Admired and often blessed with a little lagniappe at the counter, Chris is adjusting well to life where there’s a boudin link around every corner and in the back of just about every store.

Many people believe Chris may be some kind of witch doctor or voodoo king because he is married to a beautiful woman and has two beautiful children. To get that lucky, folks have concluded that he has made a deal with the devil.

True story:
One time Chris ordered a boudin ball and boudin wrap at a little country store. The lady behind the counter slowly looked Chris up and down before stating in a highly concerned,
grandma-style voice, “Honey, that ain’t enough.”